SacsiN, the Sustainability and Compliance Standard Information Network, was originally established in 2019 through a collaboration between IKEA and Sustainable Audits. It emerged as a response to a prominent industry challenge—the absence of a standardized digital method within the supplier network for exchanging information related to sustainability, traceability, product compliance, and certification.

The SacsiN Project:

Currently operating as SacsiN AB, the project has evolved into a registered company. It boasts a growing representation and members from diverse industries, authorities, and service organizations like IKEA, H&M, Electrolux, Bona and was partly funded by Vinnova.

The SacsiN Method:

The primary objective is to develop a digitized, industry-independent method that functions universally across countries and industries. The project is poised to expand throughout its development phase until the SacsiN method becomes widely adopted and integrated into supplier networks worldwide. SacsiN envisions a scenario where all companies and consumers can make sustainable and informed purchasing decisions based on factual information, eliminating the need for often assumption-driven choices without incurring escalating administrative costs.