New EU-law like CSRD-Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive requires new ways of working.

The Due Diligence in supply chain work is crucial for promoting ethical and sustainable business practices and to comply with new laws like CSRD, CSDDD, The Norwegian Transparency Act, The Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (GSCA) and more. It includes assessing and mitigating risks related to human rights, labour practices, environmental impact, corruption and other ethical considerations. Ensuring that suppliers adhere to established standards is crucial for creating responsible and sustainable supply chains. It aligns with the increasing recognition that responsible business practices
that are not only essential for social and environmental well-being but also contribute
to long-term business success.

We help global companies create or update their Supplier Code of Conduct to the latest recommended version. We also develop andimplement the due diligence process in their supply chain based on The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and OECD Guidelines.